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April 30, 2008

Tempeh Tasting, Part 2

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As J.Back points out, the true test of how the tempeh tastes is how my wife feels about it, as she is really the tempeh fan around here. Once I saw J.Back’s comment, I immediately asked what Jul thought of the tempeh. She said: “Good!…I just had some tempeh at Juice-for-Life and it tasted just like that.”

So, there you go. Using store-bought tempeh as a starter really does work, and tastes like store-bought tempeh.

April 25, 2008

Tempeh Tasting

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Just a quick comment on how the tempeh tastes. I fried up strips of tempeh in a bit of oil and butter, and seasoned with a bit of salt.

It tasted like…well, fried tempeh! Kind of bitter, kind of mushroomy, kind of beany. It was good.

The real test will probably be if my wife, a true tempeh lover, will enjoy it raw, as she eats store-bought tempeh this way. My thoughts on raw tempeh? Bleagh!

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