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October 4, 2008

Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

Over the summer I grew several hot pepper plants. One was a jalapeno, the other a banana pepper. They were quite productive, ripening many peppers all at once. Unfortunately, I don’t use THAT much hot pepper when I cook, so I needed ways to preserve them. Back at the beginning of September I harvested a bunch of peppers and after cutting them in half (to speed the drying) I strung them on string and hung them to dry. This worked well given the warm and dry weeks that followed.

Today I picked the last of the peppers, and I know well that they would not be able to dry well outdoors due to the cold and damp of October. Further, there have been fruitflies about the apartment recently, so I was worried about drying them indoors. So, (enough of the excuses) that left fermenting them!

Kept it very simple: (more…)

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