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October 4, 2008

Soy Sauce…6 months later

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Yes, it has been half a year since I started making the soy sauce. We’ve been using it often – haven’t bought soy sauce in months! I often railroad any guests we have over into trying the soy sauce; the general opinion seems to be that it tastes good, but is very salty, and is different from regular soy sauce.

The sauce has gradually darkened – I have a tub of it that we are working through, but I pour off some into a more practically sized bottle for everyday use, and have noticed the change. Originally, I tended to only use it when cooking, but now use it in salad dressings, etc. where it is not cooked, and it tastes good. (more…)

April 30, 2008

Tempeh Tasting, Part 2

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As J.Back points out, the true test of how the tempeh tastes is how my wife feels about it, as she is really the tempeh fan around here. Once I saw J.Back’s comment, I immediately asked what Jul thought of the tempeh. She said: “Good!…I just had some tempeh at Juice-for-Life and it tasted just like that.”

So, there you go. Using store-bought tempeh as a starter really does work, and tastes like store-bought tempeh.

April 25, 2008

Tempeh Tasting

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Just a quick comment on how the tempeh tastes. I fried up strips of tempeh in a bit of oil and butter, and seasoned with a bit of salt.

It tasted like…well, fried tempeh! Kind of bitter, kind of mushroomy, kind of beany. It was good.

The real test will probably be if my wife, a true tempeh lover, will enjoy it raw, as she eats store-bought tempeh this way. My thoughts on raw tempeh? Bleagh!

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